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1. Catcalling as a "Double Edged Sword": Midwestern - ISU ReD

Mar 11, 2016 ... might even be framed as complimentary, for example, highlighting a woman's
beautiful appearance. Thus, another manner in which catcalling coincides with
the concept of street harassment is that catcal

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2. What is Sexual Harassment

{PRIVATE}Examples. VERBAL. • Referring to an adult as a girl, hunk, doll, babe,
or honey. • Whistling at someone, cat calls. • Making sexual comments about a
person's body. • Making sexual comments or innuendos. • Turning work

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3. Student Perceptions of Peer Sexual Harassment - Gender Studies

example, the sexual harassment allegations brought against NFL quarterback
Brett Favre in. 2010. 1. The host of a New York ... example, research has found
that an act is more likely to be viewed as harassment when the perpetrator i

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4. What, can't you take a Compliment?: A Qualitative Study of Catcalling

What kind of woman, according to the interview persons, is and is not catcalled? •
What consequences do they think could develop from catcalls? Deposition. To
begin with, I will describe what theories will be used throughout this t

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5. Unsafe and Harassed in Public Spaces: A - Stop Street Harassment

harassment also takes place in stores and restaurants, on public transportation,
in parks and athletic fields, and at beaches. Examples of street harassment
include. •. Honking and whistling. •. Calling out phrases like “hey baby,” “hey <

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6. Street Harassment as a Determinant of Self-Esteem and Self

In the study of “stranger harassment” of Fairchild and Rudman with a sample of.
228 female college students that were getting catcalled, whistled or stared at
every few days are what the 30% of women sampled experience, over 70%
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7. California - Stop Street Harassment

facility where you attend classes – whether by catcalls, whistling, or another form
of street harassment. – you can report ... it under this law. For example: • A person
who routinely harasses many passersby on the same street corn

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8. Combatting Gender Privilege and Recognizing a - Squarespace

Apr 14, 2015 ... Arguments to Criminalize Catcalling and Creepshots. Marc Tran* ... attention and
bodies in public: street harassment (“catcalling”) and upskirt ..... For example,
domestic violence was long considered

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9. Scratching the surface of catcalling - WordPress.com

Men are typically catcall- ing women. Tommie Wilkins, former social worker and
violence against women on campus grant coordi- nator at Cabrini University, com
- pared the way catcalling makes the victim feel to stalking. “Definit

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10. Everyday Stranger Harassment and Women's - CiteSeerX

Sep 16, 2008 ... Results. Prevalence of Stranger Harassment. Table 1 displays women's reported
frequencies of stranger harassment experiences. The first two items (''catcalls,
whistles, or stares'' and ''

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11. Dissociations and Dissociation Theory in Hypnosis - American

cortex, provides a dramatic example (Weiskrantz, 1986, 1997). Within hypnosis,
salient examples occur in the context of sug- gested analgesia and were cited by
Hilgard (1973, 1977/1986) as part of the motivation for the n

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12. Dissociation in hypnosis: Theoretical - University of Waterloo

and present a case example to illustrate some of these implications. A BRIEF
of dissociation has waxed and waned over the decades, with much activity in <

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13. The dissociation theory of Pierre Janet - Wiley Online Library

ciousness, narrowed field of consciousness, dissociation, amnesia, suggesti-
bility, fued idea, and emotion. KEY WORDS: dissociation; amnesia; hypnosis;
consciousness; post-traumatic stress; multiple personality. INTRODUCTIO

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14. Current Theories of Hypnosis

For example, the cognitive hypnotherapy for depression described in Chapter 5
actively utilizes the subject's variables and placebo effects (emphasized in the
sociocognitive theories of hypnosis) to maximize treatment gains. Hi

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15. Hilgard, Ernest R. Divided Consciousness. New York: Wiley, 1977

of dissociation in terms of information process- ing theory. One reason this book
will be of interest to. Journal readers is that many of the examples used are taken
from Hilgard's extensive investi- gations in hypnos

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16. Divided consciousness reconsidered - Springer Link

This credo introduces Divided Consciousness, the latest volume in a series written by Hilgard since the establishment of his hypnosis laboratory at Stanford. The main thrust of the book is to stimulate the revival of "dissociation theory
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17. Specific Theories - Springer Link

theories of hypnosis. They are also important because they succeed "in em-
phasizing the difference between the experiences of trance and hypnosis, and
the relationship ..... tempt by Janet to discuss some of these problems by

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18. the cold control theory of hypnosis - The School of Life Sciences at

2005), and then argue that hypnosis provides an example of executive control
without conscious awareness (cf. ... perception (positive and negative
hallucinations), may also be examples of this process of creating the ... Hilgard <

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19. "Hidden Observer" Phenomenon in Hypnosis - CiteSeerX

tionship between Hilgard's "hidden observer" effect and two aspects of hypnotic
... the scope of the present article is confined to neodissociation theory as it
pertains to hypnosis. Hilgard has sought to demon

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20. Dissociation, Repression, Cognition, and Voluntarism - ScienceDirect

private psychological experiences such as dreaming, meditation, hypnosis (
which characteristically engender altered ... On a number of beautifully simple
examples from daily life,. Hilgard shows that all of us ... According to Hilg

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