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1. A History of Compulsory Education Laws. Fastback Series, No. 75

The first compulsory education law in this country was enacted in. 1642 in the
Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritan notion of education as a moral, social
obligation was thus given the sanction of law, a pattern later follo

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2. compulsory school attendance laws - Eric

Since 1918 lws requiring school attendance have eiisted in all States of the
Union. These laws had their conception in the faith that education is essential to
th,e perpetuity of popular governnient and sooial justice. This

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3. Education and the State - Harvard University

Jan 5, 2003 ... passed a compulsory schooling law and in 1918, with the passage of a law by
Mississippi, all 48 states (plus the territories of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and the
District of Columbia) had a law

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4. Compulsory Attendance at School - Duke Law Scholarship Repository

The first compulsory attendance law was enacted in Massachusetts in 1852; by
1896 they were usual in the northern and northwestern states; while in the south
they came late, the Mississippi law of 1918 being the last

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5. Compulsory Education Laws: Background - FindLaw

agencies for either the department or board of education or the office or
department of public instruction. Histor y and Development of Compulsory
Attendance Laws. Moder n compulsor y attendance laws were first enacte

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6. Laws and Schooling - Stanford University

No laws were passed until the early 1900s. The pace of passage after this was quite rapid. North Carolina passed the first law in 1903, and by 1918, every southern state had a compulsory attendance law. attendance law

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7. Canadian Compulsory School Laws and their Impact on Educational

Compulsory school laws have existed in Canada for more than a hundred years,
and policies to mandate further .... Bound, Jaeger, and. Baker (1995) show that if
education attainment and compulsory school laws ar

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8. A History of Compulsory School Attendance and Visiting Teacher

Georgia in 1916 and Mississippi in 1918 were"" the last two states to enact
legislation on the subject. Alaska was a territory when it passed a compulsory
school attendance law in 1929. 7 ^. ^Annual Report of the C

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9. Compulsory Education in Iowa, 1872-1919 - Iowa Research Online

Jan 25, 2015 ... and legislators successfully passed compulsory attendance laws ... dance law. At
that time compulsory education was proposed in conjunction with several
progressive educational reforms—

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10. The Supreme Court, Compulsory Education, and the First - Chicago

Philip B. Kurland, "The Supreme Court, Compulsory Education, and the First
Amendment's Religion Clauses," 75 West Virginia Law ... education should not
only be made available to the citizenry but that at least

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